My sites and their connections!

MY SITES Updated 29th Aug 2009:

I discovered that I had started 28 blogs.  After the shock I have rationalized them to those below;

Human-centred Studies courses are HERE

4 additional sites support the Human-centred Studies courses site;

Dictionary of Concepts and Terms – for all of my sites is HERE – glossary for all my blogs + budding articles (tell me what  needs to be added)

Quotations Treasury – is HERE – a personal data-base of stuff – I wish I had done this before and during my PhD studies! It’s public so others can benefit from it – will be more and more useful as the months go by.

OneSummit: many paths – click HERE the Perennial Wisdom/Philosophy inter-faith/pan-faith/no-faith spirituality section of the courses – especially for those students who have done Perennial Wisdom/Philosophy courses with me.

My doctorate – To go to PhD click HERE

Bahá’í in Process is HEREissues concerning the processes in, on and around the Bahá’í community and its teachings (incorporating Bahá’í Education and Bahá’í-inspired education)

Short-term blog on Reform UK Politics NOW HERE – we have a once-in-a-life-time chance to get fair voting etc in the UK – because of expenses scandal

Baha’i Coherence – (NB a group blog) –

1000 ways (SunWALKed) ‘meta-site’ click HERE – most of my posts from niche sites also posted there (my original and catch-all site)

My Posterous site – SunWALKing –  is – HERE (also posts to FaceBook, etc)


Marion Prentice Artwork – HERE

Our China photos are here;

China 1 –

China 2 –



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