SunWALK model of Holistic Education – PhD thesis


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This is the ‘home page’ of  the doctoral thesis; Spiritualizing Pedagogy: education as the art of working with the human spirit , successfully submitted to the University of Sunderland in 2003.

To go to a longer summary and explanation of the logo-diagram click on 01 below.  The PhD proper starts with 1 Intro.

At the heart of the thesis is a new model of education SunWALK – below is a diagram and the highly condensed ‘one-sentence’ version of the model’s chief elements.


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One ‘sentence’ version of the SunWALK model:

The SunWALK model of spiritualizing (or humanizing) pedagogy sees human education as;

the storied development of meaning,
which is constructed, and de-constructed,
physically mentally and spiritually,
through Wise & Willing Action,
via Loving and Knowing –
developed in Community,
through the ‘Dialectical Spiritualization’ of
Caring, Creativity & Criticality processes,
all undertaken in the light of the ‘Sun’ of
chosen higher-order values and beliefs,
using best available, appropriate content.

The 6 sections of the PhD thesis are in the column on the right of this page.

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Please observe the usual proprieties if quoting from the thesis.

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